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Strengthening Immune System

Strengthening Immune System

Nowadays malnourishment is not a poor man’s disease. With the increase in processed food popularity; children skipping breakfasts, and being obese by the wrong choice of food are all malnourished. Well-nourished children are more resistant to infections.

The elderly have low immunity. The reason is our body has natural deterioration. But all our grandparents are not bedridden. Few lucky ones are fitter than their grandchildren at 85 years of age too. All because of their lifelong practice of a good lifestyle.

Then there is the young population. Most of us are no less than malnourished kids. They have learned those habits from the young population. Hence, deficiencies & lifestyle diseases are as common in young people too. Personally, I have seen 16 years old with Type 2 diabetes and a 22-year-old with a heart attack in ICU, and these cases did not have congenital (disease by birth) diseases.

Talking about signs of low immunity: 

  1. If we get tired easily
  2. In case we are prone to infections
  3. Healing of our human system during diseases or wound delays
  4. We face Frequent digestive issues (diarrhea/ vomiting)
  5. There are Growth and developmental delays for children

 Foods That Can Boost your Immune System

So now we know, being immune-compromised is not a great idea. We must do something to be strong.

·        Herbs

There are many spices or garnishing items that are actually herbs that help in boosting our immunity. Garlic, ginger, tulsi, celery, oregano, basil, mulethi, dalchini, black pepper, laung, vanilla (no essence, real one), kesar, Kachihaldi, dhania seeds, ajwain etc. name any and they are all beneficial in some or the other way. Some of them are taken as a tea, like green tea, ginseng tea, chamomile tea, dandelion tea, etc.

·        Fruits and Vegetables

All fruits and vegetables provide some of the other benefits. Like Citrus fruits (Rich in vitamin C), Red-colored (tomato, watermelon having lycopene), Yellow-orange colored (Beta-carotene rich), Purple colored (anthocyanins rich), greens and leafy (multi-vitamins and minerals); the list is endless. In short keep as much variety as you can. Eat seasonal and local for best nutrition content.

·        Proteins & other macronutrients

Oh yes, vitamin C doesn’t protect our body alone. In fact, our system is so complex that none of the nutrients work in isolation. All work together, so we need all of them. Some more than others.

Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are macronutrients that mean they are required in more quantity. Minerals and vitamins are micronutrients, we need less of them. Proteins are a very important part of our body most functional cells like hormones, enzymes, etc are proteins.

Thanks to the modern marketing of processed foods, people have started believing we need lots of vitamins of minerals. Let me warn you they are toxic after an extent. People are feeding their children and family juices, exotic fruits and vegetable juice, etc. the processed foods. They believe, they are providing vitamins and minerals hence good health.

The fact remains we need carbohydrates (cereals and grains) for ready energy, proteins (dals, dairy, and non-veg) for becoming strong, and fats (nuts, seeds, ghee, and vegetable oils) as shields in our body. A lean/ obese person cannot have a strong immune system how much ever vitamins he stuffs on daily basis.  Healthy weight is also equally important.

 Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

Read history, even the post-industrial revolution era will give us the idea. Scientific development has put the earth in grave danger. Everything modern science develops has been defined as unhealthy; bad for nature, the environment, and the earth is suffering. Children have debates- science is a boon or curse. I vote for the curse.

So, foods bad for the immune system are the ones developed by science. The processed foods are available in packets, marketed by irresponsible companies, and allowed by ignorant governments. Anything available in packets, cartons, bottles after processing weakens our immune system, damages it, and makes us prone to grave diseases.  

What Can You Do To Strengthen Your Immune System?

  1. Go natural, add herbs to diet
  2. Consume plenty of water
  3. Take balanced meals
  4. Include 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in the daily meal plan
  5. Have nuts and seeds
  6. Take your daily protein dose
  7. Don’t miss carbohydrates and fats, they have important functions in the body
  8. Sleep well
  9. Exercise Daily
  10. Maintain a healthy weight
  11. Enjoy life, laugh have fun
  12. Keep stress away, deep breath

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