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5 Diabetes Diet Secrets That No One Tells You

5 Diabetes Diet Secrets That No One Tells You

India is 2nd in diabetic rate in the world, just after China. Considering China has a huge population we maybe still win as a percentage. We wish to tell you 5 Diabetes Diet Secrets That No one tells You.  

Diabetes management is a very big challenge, considering Indians already believe the treatment of all diseases only needs medicine. I always wonder where did that thought come from. As a child when I used to visit medical practitioners for fever, even they used to say to eat this not that, and take plenty of fluids.  

Well, I do have answers for this. The huge pharmaceutical industry made changes in the statement. 

Nowadays when a parent goes to a pediatrician asking their child doesn’t eat, the doctor gives them medicine. They do not suggest dietitians, they do not suggest child psychologists. They suggest medicine and meal supplements like pediasure.  

Hence proved, even diabetic patients believe only medicine can help them. It’s like vegetable preparation that has no salt so tastes bland and to compensate for that we are adding coriander leaves to it.    

People ask if we follow a good diet, have no outside food, and take medicine on time, but still, our sugars are not maintained why.  


1.NO MEDICINE alone can help in Diabetes treatment. Considering diabetes is a lifestyle disorder, you must take care of your diet and lifestyle. 

 Unless you take care of your diet and lifestyle NO MEDICINE can help, NO DOCTOR can help and the Diabetes will be highly progressive. Other organ damage will be superfast. Sugar fluctuations will be frequent.  

2. Carbohydrates are not bad for diabetic patients. In fact management of carb proportion is the most important. The correct proportion is important.  

The episodes of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are more common in people who are not on the proper proportions of carbohydrates. We must visit a clinical nutritionist for the right proportions of all nutrients. This is the most important of 5 Diabetes Diet Secrets That No one tells You. 

3. Proteins are also very important. Every chronic disease example diabetes forms a catabolic state in the human body. It means there will be more protein loss from the system as compared to a healthy human being.  

That’s where the role of proteins in diet increases. Another important fact is Indians usually take less protein as per Recommended Dietary Allowance. After getting diabetic, they are already deficient. Hence, the progressive nature of the disease becomes too fast. 

4. Timing of meals is important. You got diabetes because of a poor lifestyle, untimely meals being one of the important contributory factors.  

Eating everything correctly but at the wrong time is never going to help in diabetes management. Small and frequent meals are one of the most important diabetic diet recommendations. Long Gaps are detrimental.  

Portions are also very important.  Fasting and feasting ARE NOT ADVISABLE at all.  

5. Google content about diabetes diet can be misleading. Fad diets may show temporary results on sugar levels but will cause major protein deficiency. Do not take advice from any “Certified” dietitian. 

Dietitians should be Bachelor's and/or Masters's in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science and should have good experience under a senior dietitian before they can suggest you anything.  

Diabetes is a clinical condition, and taking random advice from anyone and everyone can be damaging.    

Unfortunately, when the disease progresses & organ damage starts, one will not even realize where they went wrong.  

The first organ which is facing severe consequences is the pancreas, and then others follow. The pancreas is not totally damaged when one gets diabetes. It is partially damaged. It might be still working 60% or even 95%.  

The best we can do is from the beginning follow medical, nutrition, and physical activity advice. That way the disease will not progress and you will be able to lead a healthy quality of life.   

People say we have to take medicine, let us eat whatever we want. At least we will be happy. We have to die anyways.  

I beg to differ. Medical science is so advanced in today’s world that it will not let you die. Excruciating suffering awaits a person who is ignorant about diet and lifestyle.   

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