Best Weight Loss Dietitian in Kolkata

Best Weight Loss Dietitian in Kolkata

Best Weight Loss Dietitian in Kolkata

Losing weight can be a huge task and sometimes it’s hard to achieve the goal with only working out and cutting out carbs. To help pick up the pace of your weight loss journey, a weight loss dietitian offers diet plans as well as boosts up your motivation to not lose track of the good work. Dietitians are experts in understanding nutrition and healthy lifestyles, which is why they don’t just give out a list of healthy food to eat but also help manage your calorie consumption. Read on to learn more about the best weight loss dietitian in Kolkata.

At The Basic Meals, we have a team of trainers who excel at providing encouragement as well as evidence-based scientific guidance. Guided by Dietitian Anuradha Sharma, a gold medalist with over 10 years of professional experience, we work towards helping our clients to lose weight while maintaining a healthy diet.

Once you’ve applied for our weight loss service, you’ll receive a one-to-one consultation session with one of coaches online. They’ll assess information such as your health, weight issues, food preferences and the time of consumption, and other dietary requirements that you may be lacking or in need of. The session will consist of the dietitian recommending you some ways in which you might be able to achieve your weight goal while keeping your diet healthy and balanced at the same time. The first session will mainly be about getting to know you and your daily routine better before starting the process. Once everything has been discussed, more sessions will be appointed to keep track of your pace and progress. Tracking your progress will help us study if you need any amendments in your diet.

Our plan development strategy is plain and realistic, designed especially to help you make little yet effective steps ahead. A weight loss journey requires patience, but if there’s any big gap occurring in-between then it can result in relapsing. We keep all these aspects and possible scenarios in mind, which is why we encourage our patients to trust the process and keep going.

Why is a Dietitian Important?

There’s a big number of people out there who struggle with losing weight. Some are unsure of where or how to their transformation journey, others have trouble setting up a diet plan with healthy, nutritious foods. A dietitian, who is clinically licensed, studies nutrition thoroughly which makes them understand your concerns better and point out the excess or lack of necessary substances in your body. This is something that you cannot keep an eye on all by yourself. To rationalize the foods that you need to avoid or increase the intake of, you need professional help. A dietitian makes a diet solution with in-depth details of what’s going in your body and also their amounts i.e., big or small. Dietitians are trained to provide treatment that lasts long and shows realistic changes.

For those who suffer from obesity or weigh too much in general, it is necessary to note that excess of permanent fat in your body could very possibly result in long-term, and even life-threatening illnesses. People who weigh more than the average adult weight are at a higher risk of getting prone to chronic medical conditions. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancers, strokes and mental health issues are just some of the examples of what could go wrong with an overweight person’s body.

Medical nutrition procedures are also very advantageous for people suffering from eating disorders, diabetes, certain cancers, metabolic disorders, etc.

About Dietitian Anuradha Sharma

Dietitian Anuradha Sharma is a clinical nutritionist and dietitian with an impeccable work experience in medical nutrition therapy and lifestyle management. She is a gold medalist of the 2012 batch in M.Sc. Food Service and Nutrition Management. She’s also certified in Nutrition Support i.e., Critical Care by the Indian Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. She has worked with honorable medical institutions such as Fortis Healthcare and AIIMS Delhi. All these and much more make her the best weight loss dietitian in Kolkata.

Apart from her academic achievements, she is also admired dearly by her patients along with children who find her extremely gentle and polite. She has a loving reputation. Patients go as far as to say that they’re willing to join the revolution that Dietician Anuradha Sharma has initiated.

She’s the co-founder of The Basic Meals and inspires her team to aim towards helping as many patients as possible. We are food and nutrition professionals who help people understand the difference between which foods are healthy and which aren’t and how it leaves an impact on the human body.

Our weight loss program is a 2-month long course which can be accessed both online and in person, but we prefer to coach our patients online for now due to the ongoing pandemic. Dietitian Anuradha Sharma can be consulted through our website’s contact details. If you wish to book an appointment in person, our expert dietitian resides in Kolkata. Dietitian Anuradha Sharma is the best weight loss expert dietitian in Kolkata, so if you’re planning to finally start your journey, register for The Basic Meals now! Our mission is to assist you with achieving your fitness target goals. We believe that customer satisfaction comes first and foremost. Book now on

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