Online Nutritionist Consultation in Delhi

Online Nutritionist Consultation in Delhi

Online Nutritionist Consultation in Delhi

It's been more than one year that we have been living amidst a pandemic. From limiting our social gatherings to stepping out only when it is absolutely necessary - the last year brought changes in our lives that we never imagined going through. Our activities remained confined to indoors. From online fitness training to online doctor consultation, the past year showed us how digitization is the way forward in the coming years. With Doctors preferring the online mode of consultation, your physiotherapist, neurologist, therapist, everyone is now available on online portals. So is your dietitian/ nutritionist. The Basic Meals provide the best online nutritionist consultation in Delhi. Read on to know more about them.

At this time, where we are all trying to fight the pandemic, it is highly important to prioritize our food intake and eating habits. A good nutrition-rich diet can help you to stay fit and healthy and build a strong immune system. The situation around has made us rethink our priorities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the only choice we have.

Since it is not always possible for us to know the nutritional value of a food item, we often end up consuming food that our body requires very little of. Eating everything in the right portion should be our intention, but 'right food in the right quantity' is different for everyone. This is why consulting a nutritionist can benefit you. A nutritionist can guide you to eat right, make a healthy choice in your daily lifestyle.

Why should you try online consultation?

  1. You do not have to leave the comfort of home - Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can consult your doctor. It's as easy as online shopping. You do not have to wait for days to schedule an appointment and travel to the clinic. With online consultation available your doctor will be available 24*7 for you.
  2. Affordable and saves time - You must be thinking online consultation must be heavy on your pockets since you will be sitting at home. The truth is it is actually cheaper than most in-clinic appointments. You can actually save up on your medical bills with online consultation. Also, all the time you spend sitting at the clinic waiting for your turn to see the doctor, with online consultation you can forget wasting that time. Make the appointment at a time when you are free.
  3. No risk of infection - Let's admit that the pandemic has made all of us paranoid. Every time we step out we sanitize like crazy, take a bath and wash every item as soon as we return home. With things going around this fear is valid. However, this should not be the reason for you to miss your check-ups or doctor visits. With online consultation, consult any doctor of your choice without visiting the hospital. Stay safe and keep your family members safe.
  4. Privacy - With one-to-one consultation with doctors, you get all the privacy and security. So do not worry about the information you share being misused. You can share everything with your doctor with confidence.
  5. Digital prescription - After a doctor's visitation, our main concern is to keep the medical bills and prescription safe for future references. With online consultation, you get digital prescriptions. So, once you start online consultations the data management becomes easy to track.

How can an online consultation with a Nutritionist help you?

A Nutritionist educates you about food and can help you make the right choice when it comes to eating, help you with meal planning according to your body's need, and identifies and treats any health issues you have. You will be able to avoid health complications later in life if you eat right today.

If you think you do not need to consult a nutritionist because you are already maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making the right choices for yourself and your body, you are wrong. While you might be eating your greens, getting your daily dose of sunshine, and stretching you can always update on these. You may not require Vitamin C in the amount you are consuming, your body may require more protein to repair muscles. A dietitian can help you to figure this out.

Online Nutritionist Consultation in Delhi

During these stressful times, a healthy diet can keep you physically and mentally well. To see the change for yourself consult Dr. Pragati Pragya and Dietitian Anuradha Sharma of The Basic Meals. They provide the best online nutritionist consultation in Delhi.

The Basic Meals is a platform run by the best nutritionists in Delhi offering online consultation. In 10+ years of experience, Dr. Pragati Pragya and Dietitian Anuradha Sharma have resolved many critical cases. We extend our support to the Eat Right India & Fit India Movement, and have taken a pledge to guide everyone in their journey to be healthy. Our approaches are based on scientific guidelines and do not just follow blindly vague strategies. We provide one-to-one consultation online at a time of your convenience. Simply call us on +918447131858 or visit our website to book an appointment with us.

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