Best Dietitian In Delhi

Best Dietitian In Delhi

Best Dietitian In Delhi

"You are what you eat." This phrase originated in the 1800's and was used by a famous French Gastronome, Politician, and Lawyer for the first time. Since then, this phrase has been used countless times to stress our eating habits. The phrase holds true to this day. It refers to whatever food we give our body, it reflects on the outer side. To be fit and healthy, we need to eat healthy food. Read on to know more how to eat right and the importance of following a healthy diet as well as to find the best dietitian in Delhi.

Food is the most vital part of our lives. It affects our mood, our daily activities, and also our workflow. But do we pay enough heed to the food on our plate? In the morning we are rushing to work and grabbing a bite of whatever we can in just a few minutes. For lunch, we are gulping the food down during the break. After work, we are so famished that we grab dinner on the way back home.

While it is normal to feel overwhelmed planning meals and cooking everyday, in turn overlook the importance of it in our busy lives, you can get the help of a dietitian to make your job easier. A dietitian can help you to organize and prepare a meal plan to suit your lifestyle that would meet your health requirements at the same time.

Doctors often refer you to dietitians when you suffer from health problems, because you are bound to fall sick when you are not eating right. Most of the problems faced today are due to poor lifestyle and diet. Food is the solution to every health issue. Dietitians are experts who have studied food and how they impact our body. So, they are the best guide for when it comes to deciding what to eat and what not to.

The Basic Meals is an online diet consultation platform where you can meet the best dietitian in Delhi. Founded by Dr. Pragati Pragya and Dietitian Anuradha Sharma, The Basic Meals has come up to guide the millennials on a healthy journey who are always on the run. Our nutrition strategies are designed keeping in mind a holistic yet practical approach. We do not advise the use of supplements or any pills. In a world where people religiously believe in consuming dietary supplements or popping a pill to resolve any health issue, we focus on making the change at the root i.e., your food habit. With a correct food habit, you can be your healthiest self.

Why Eating Right is Important?

Since childhood, our textbooks have always made us aware of the importance of a balanced diet. A balanced diet contains all the minerals, vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients that your body needs. If you manage to eat everything in the right portion through your meals, you won't require any supplements. But we tend to eat what is convenient for us, not what is right for us.

Being busy is not an excuse to eat junk food or rely on processed ready-to-cook food. One consultation with a nutritionist can help change your perspective about food and also your relationship with it. For those of us busy in the rat race, a dietitian can alter the health statistics for us.

Planning and preparing meals ahead of time can save you both time and effort. When you visit a Dietitian, she will know and understand your health problems, your lifestyle, and your schedule. Keeping all these in mind she will draw up your meal chart. The meal program will be designed in a way that your body benefits the most from it. At The Basic Meals, we design your diet plan in a way that you do not feel you are starved off or you are not getting the chance to eat your favorite doughnut or snack. With expert guidance from the best dietitian in Delhi, we provide very flexible plans that won't require too much effort following.

With us, you will enjoy the healthy journey because we believe in making you healthy for the long term, not just temporarily. If you're terrified of eating tasteless food and green vegetables all the time because you believe that is the only way to achieve a healthy body, then we would be happy to change your mind.

If you eat right now, your body will thank you later. Avoid paying hefty medical bills later by investing in nutrition now. Developing a healthy eating habit is more than eating more fresh and green food. At what time you eat, how much you eat, how you eat, all these build up your healthy eating habit. 

When you look for a dietitian to consult, you look for several aspects. You look for experience, client testimonials, reputation, and affordability. When you visit The Basic Meals you can tick all these boxes. In 10+ years of experience, Dr. Pragati Pragya and Dietitian Anuradha Sharma, the best dietitian in Delhi have resolved many critical cases. We provide one-to-one consultation online at a time of your convenience. Visit our website to book an appointment with us.

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