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Thanks to Dr Pragati Pragya i have finally learned to eat a balanced diet. She is extremely patient and kind and has helped me achieve some realistic health goals. I am definitely more energetic and positive in life after joining the program! πŸ™πŸ™

Ekta Arora

"The Basic Meals" people are very good professionally.I was very healthy a few years back.But in last three years my health deteriorated very much.Could not find the cause.My bad cholestrol level shot up to 256.I got BP problem too.I felt lazy all the time.Also had some minor issues with health with sleep,pains etc.

Then I came in contact with the basic meals ppl.I strictly followed their direction.They changed my meal style ,timing and portion.
Thanks to their directions I am totally fit now.All medicines discontinued.It is a rebirth where diet controls my health.

Thanks to Basic Meals.

Krishan Miglani

I have got maximum benefit with the consultation of Dr. Pragati Pragyan, Nutritionist, AIIMS, New Delhi.
After consultation and following her advice all composition of my blood test report got normal level which were in higher level before following her advice. So I am too much grateful to her.
Thanking you,
With regards,
Dr. Swadesh Ranjan Pan,
Midnapore, WB, India.

S Pan

At the age of 34 , I diagonsed Rhematoid Arthritisis, a auto immune disorder, which badly affects my knee joints results in acute pain and I lost 12 kg weight in a year ( from 56 to 44) which affects my daily routine, so along with taking homeophatic treatment, I consult with Dietcean Anuradha mam. Her guidance and diet helps me lot, she not only provides with diet chart but also guides you in 360 degree view in all aspects regarding healthy life and now my weight starts gradually increasing and my immune is also becomes healthier. Thank you mam for all motivation and counselling.

Akanksha kathuria

I had consulted with Dr. Pragati for long standing health conditions. She was extremely supportive and encouraging, and always checked up and kept in touch with me to see how I was adapting to the diet. She also answered all my questions patiently, with a smile, and never suggested extremely hard to follow measures. Thank you Dr. Pragati, I hope more people can benefit from your knowledge and friendly approach:)

Ulka Bhattacharyya

I came to Basic Meals after I gained a few pounds and wanted to lose weight. After following Dr. Pragya's recommendations I lost 6kgs in one month. She does not believe in any fad diets and her plans are based on hard science. She devised a diet chart based on my food preferences that isnt hard to follow while still giving me all the essential nutrients my body needs. During the weekly counselling sessions she would explain the science behind the plan and motivate me to stay on track. She also made lifestyle modification recommendations because diet alone cannot help one reach a healthy body weight and maintain it. She would also take the time to answer any questions that I had regarding any aspect of the program. All in all a very satisfying experience.

Shubhendu Nandi

I had a wonderful experience with dietitian Madam Anuradha Sharma from The Basic Meal regarding my diet consultation. Most of us don't have any good sense regarding the food that we eat daily. And I believe most of the diseases have their roots in improper eating habits and lifestyle for a long period of time. It always happens that the food that is supposed to good for you health sometimes ends up in doing bad just because of wrong way and amount of taking them. I think all of us should follow a proper diet chart customized by an expert dietitian. A dietitian knows what kind of foods are optimum for your health considering your present physical, economical, social and professional condition. Earlier I used to get so tired and fatigued after all day's work (though my job is not of any physical labour). Later I was diagnosed with some health reports that indicate of having some lifestyle diseases at formative stage. So I thought of bringing a change in my daily eating habits and overall lifestyle for some period of time instead of taking medicines at first. I was searching for a reliable expert dietitian and met dietitian Anuradha Sharma in the website of 'The Basic Meal'. We had talks and online sessions to discuss my present status of being and the diagnosis report. After that she made a comprehensive diet chart for me which is so humble and easily maintainable. I am following her diet chart and advice rigorously. Now I am feeling so refreshed and energized. There is no need to buy any expensive foods or other things. It is purely purely 'basic'. Actually we are habituated to buy and eat ready made packaged and junk food that are making our 'basic' life so complicated with several chronic diseases. I express my gratitude to dietitian Madam Anuradha Sharma and The Basic Meal.


The basic meal's dr. pragati is truly an angel to me. I am diabetic and when conceived things went out of my control. Dr. pragati's meal plans and guidance not only helped me to manage my sugar levels but also kept me and my unborn baby into ideal weight range.The best part of her scientifically developed plans are i never left hungry or craved for food which usually happens a lot in pregnancy. i am still following her diet/meal plans and committed to do so in future as well. i would highly recommend the basic meal's dr pragati to all of those who are struggling with diet and lifestyle issues

Vijayata ag

Writing this review is perhaps the happiest thing I am doing after a long time. From a HBA1C of 14.1 in Sept 2022 with severe Diabetes to 6.1 in March 2023 ,I have been able to control my Diabetes.And this would not have been possible without handholding & guidance I got from Dr. Pragya from the Basic Meals. The Basic Meals specializes in Habit formation,and true to the meaning Dr Pragya instilled in me the confidence to decide about the right kind of food I may eat.The programme is flexible and the diets recommended by them form part of our everyday meals.The focus is on portion control and emphasis on the implementation of Carbohydrate counting in my diet which was something quite novel.Let me also say here that they are the only specialized diatecians who explain and develop a habit in the patients in diet based on carbohydrate counting.
Today I am a changed person.I have lost almost 5 kgs of weight and HBA1C under control. She has a perfect way putting the patients at ease and has guided me on other very important issues I faced like excessive stress, lack of sleep , proper exercise , and of course diet which is her specialization.
I highly recommend other diabetic patients reading this should take the benefit from Dr Pragya to get well and ready to do something about their conditions and bring about a change.

Mukul Mishra

I had an exceptional experience working on my weight loss journey with Nutritionist Dr. Pragati Pragya at The Basic Meals Dietary Clinic. Dr. Pragya's guidance and support throughout my weight loss journey were truly invaluable. She provided dedicated assistance, regular follow-ups, and designed a practical, home-cooked food diet plan that made it incredibly manageable to adopt. This approach also proved to be budget-friendly as it didn't rely on extravagant foods. Instead, the emphasis was on consuming meals prepared at home.

What truly impressed me was the rapid improvement in my health. Previously plagued by high palpitations and acidity, these issues vanished by the second and third day of following Dr. Pragya's plan. Alongside these improvements, I felt a newfound surge of energy. It's not just about dieting; Dr. Pragya instills a transformative change in your perspective on eating and cultivating a wholesome lifestyle. I wholeheartedly recommend her guidance to anyone seeking a holistic and effective approach to weight loss and well-being.

Aashu Abhishek

I have been consulting Pragati Pragya , and she has helped me tremendously in achieving my desired weight ,through proper balanced nutritional details and counselling. The right proportion of carbs, protein,fat and digestive fibre through her meal charts has helped me a lot in achieving a proper balanced iifestyle, eventually modifying my eating habits(especially getting rid of junk foods).So kudos to her and her team for their great effort.

Prashant Shekhar

Dr Pragati Pragya helped me in improving my fitness. I follwed her ditery advice strictly and lost some weight. She has been trained at AIIMS New Delhi. Her knowledge related to the matter is superb and have a very soft behaviour during the consultation. Her counsling sessions are too useful and motivates to adhere with dietary plan. She has a keen interest to deal with diabetes, hypertension and other metabolic disorder. I strongly recommend her extraordinary nutritional services to all my friends to remain fit and fine.

Dr. Sunil Gothwal

Dr.Pragya no words to express but then also i have to explain my experience.
My weight loss journey with u was a great and joyful journey even though i had not lost much weight as we had a very short period of time but then also the journey we had was awsome.
I want to continued my treatment again with you as i had never meet such a greatfull, polite, friendly, helpful and encouraging person like you and your good vibes will make me more motivated and your positivity will remove all the negative thoughts that will tackel me in my weight loss journey.
I will be greatfull to you as always
love from your thankful patient
Thanks a lot,
Raghu Jindal

Raghu Jindal

Dr.Anuradha made me feel at ease and I felt that she was really concerned for me. I was especially pleased when she gave me recipes to get me started on my road to healthy eating.
I enjoyed my session .we chatted and had a few laughs.
A better diet is helping me be happier.
My Dietician Dr. Anuradha is so genuine, realistic and helpful.
I feel satisfied. My cravings have diminished and I have a whole new relationship with good.
It changes my lifestyle.
A truly soulful way of not only eating but living.
Thank you so much.

Roopshikha Chhabra

I am very happy to share my good experience with The basic meals. I contacted them for my daughters weight gain. Sessions with them are very knowledgeable and empowering at the same time. Anuradha Mam shared a basic meal plan for my daughter and I followed it and my daughter could gain weight within 1.5 months. I was happy that there were no fad diets. Everything was created from all the sources from my kitchen. I recommend them for all those who want to follow the right food for right purpose and for right results. Thanks you again.


Hi I'm from Bangalore, and there were so many times that i have tried but failed to lose weight.
Then I thought for a guidance and came to know about Anuradha ma'am from my bhanji ( sister's daughter ).
Anuradha ma'am is a great dietician who understand ones issue and prepare a diet plan accordingly.
I joined her for weight management. She is very particular and practical to prepare a diet plan that fits to your routine or life style ( she may advise some change in your routine to achieve your goal easily ). Most interesting part of her diet plan is that it include the thing which is easily available in home and we are using that daily in our diet.
Frankly speaking her plan is not only simple but quite effective if one have determination.
Her weekly session about the diet is very informative and her every suggestion enhance you ability to separate what is good and bad in your diet and finally for your health.
Thanks a lot to Anuradha ma'am, due to her guidance I lose 7kg and will follow her plan as its not a bad idea to maintain proper weight.


I am a gastro patient from New Zealand. I was unable to digest any food because I was eating wrong food. My health has improved a lot in last two months after I started the diet chart plan and consultation with Anuradha. She does a fantastic work towards improving people health. Appreciate her service. Thanks. Kamal

Navjot Navi

The vast amount of experience and knowledge that Anuradha ma'am has, speaks for itself. I had consulted her for my toddler's meal plan. The introductory phone call with her was such an eye opener that I quickly signed up for the monthly follow up sessions. A mother always worries about her child's nutrition. The best thing about Anuradha was that she not only provided an age appropriate meal plan, but also worked around the psychology of eating During every session, she explained how to build good eating habits in my 1 year old using practical scenarios. Thank you Anuradha ma'am for being so kind and helpful Hoping to have more sessions with you in the future !

Shri S

I would like to call Anuradha an epitome of professionalism. Her expertise and knowledge supplements the diet plan she provides. She doesn't only share the knowledge, it is usually backed up with facts and figures. Her optimistic approach and explanation of science around Indian meals is an eye opener. She makes it fun and interesting with her recommendation of books and movies. Kudos to you for the work you are doing. Thank you.

Aarti Anand

I would strongly recommend Anuradha Mam. She is one of those dieticians who will never ask you to go through unrealistic meal plans especially if you are a Diabetic.
She is extremely helpful and is excellent in explaining the diet plan on a regular basis and is very motivating... Would Highly recommend the plan

Getting counseled from Ms. Anuradha has been almost half a decade now and it’s been a wonderful experience staying connected with such a brilliant & dynamic professional who provides life changing and in-depth health solutions. Kudos for the great work Basic meals!!

Karan Dhiman

Hello, I have been suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). after following the advice given by madam within 1 month My problem related to GI and colon reduce a lot. Now I feel much better than before.

Tilak Chakraborty

Anuradha Mam is very kind, excellent dietitian. I have been suffering from IBS and weight loss issue. After consulting with Mam, my IBS is controlled to a great extent. Now I can lead a enjoyable happy life. She gives me immense knowledge about healthy food and diet and support to keep going. Thank you so much Mam.

Shauni Riya

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