Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes and Lactation

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Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes and Lactation

Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes and Lactation

A Healthy Mom, A Healthy Generation!

1000+ mothers have benefitted from our plans.

Are you planning for a healthy future too?

The Basic Meals dietitians understand this and work with each mother to create a plan best suited for them. We recommend joining a nutrition guidance program at least 3 months before planning the baby. Consult our nutrition specialist and give your baby a healthy, happy life!

Our Approach

  • Individualized Approach for an Accurate Diabetes Nutrition
  • Complete package through pregnancy and lactation

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Pregnancy & Lactation
Follow Up

Our Packages range from single session to annual packages. The Programs are highly customizable as per our client's requirement.

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Our Expertise

Dr. Pragati Pragya

Ph. D. Clinical Nutrition

AIIMS, Delhi

12 years experience


Best dietitians in Delhi

Anuradha Sharma

M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition (Gold Medalist)

12 years experience


Best dietitians in Kolkata

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