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Child nutrition

No more fussy eating!

One-to-one child counseling sessions for the improved health of your li’l one!

Say yes to a better thought process, eating habits and sleep cycle!

Our well-qualified pediatric dietitian can manage even the fussiest toddlers and get them to eat their veggies. You can also consult our pediatric nutritionists online and help your child build a strong foundation for a lifetime of health and happiness!

Our Approach

  • An evidence-based approach to child nutrition
  • A holistic, science-based, time-tested and result-oriented approach
  • No capsules, pills, or powders
  • Strictly follows the latest ICMR guidelines for your child nutrition

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Couple & Family
Follow Up

Our Packages range from single session to annual packages. The Programs are highly customizable as per our client's requirement.

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Our Expertise

Dr. Pragati Pragya

Ph. D. Clinical Nutrition

AIIMS, Delhi

12 years experience


Best dietitians in Delhi

Anuradha Sharma

M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition (Gold Medalist)

12 years experience


Best dietitians in Kolkata

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