Online Dietitians in Delhi

Online Dietitians in Delhi

Online Dietitians in Delhi

We visit a Cardiologist, or a Neurologist, or Orthopedic as and when required. We know one doctor cannot provide you with all solutions, so there are specialized doctors targeting specific parts of your body. But how often do we visit a Dietitian if a problem arises with our diet? The answer will come in negative for most of us. But why? If you are eager to know more about the importance consulting of a dietitians and what to find the best online dietitians in Delhi, do read on.

There is a misconception that dietitians should be visited only when we want to lose weight. Do we not need a dietitian's advice in our daily diet? Of course, we do.

Living amidst a pandemic has taught us popping pills or medicines cannot be the solution to every illness. Investing in building a healthy body and a strong immune system is our only way to survive this pandemic. Even though we are all accustomed to the proverb "Health is Wealth" we seem to take our health for granted, that is until the pandemic occurred.

You can sail through these times with some professional help. Consulting a dietitian can be a significant step towards healthy living. Do not fret over where you will visit a dietitian. You can consult an online dietitian. Yes, with telehealth, medical service has also come online and it has been the biggest blessing during the pandemic.

How can an Online Consultation with a Dietitian help me?

A dietitian is someone who studied extensively about food and its impact on our body. In many critical cases, it has been seen doctors working closely with dietitians in the treatment of a patient that resulted in fast recovery. They work in several fields including sports, education, research, and practitioner.

Dietitians can help you make an informed choice about your decisions when it comes to food. They are experts who can help keep your blood sugar level in check, manage body weight, regulate blood pressure. They can improve your eating habits and develop a healthy relationship with your food.

People with an eating disorder or a picky child can benefit to a great extent with the help of a dietitian. Their eating habits can be changed.

No matter your age, or profession, even if you have never been diagnosed with any illness, a dietitian holds the power to change your life for good. Sometimes a disease can only be identified when the condition worsens; a dietitian will be able to identify this at an early stage thus avoiding the risk of anything serious.

One very significant point that should be shared in this context is that studies reveal that many people after hitting puberty are diagnosed with many diseases. An online consultation with your dietitian at an early stage can help you avoid this. Growing children need a balanced diet, or else it hinders their growth. A dietitian can draw up the perfect chart for your kids.

What does an Online Consultation with a Dietitian look like?

Online consultation with a dietitian will take you almost forty-five minutes on the first visit. It is nothing different than an in-clinic visit except you both are at your respective home. She will ask you about your medical history, if you have any health issues at present, what type of lifestyle you lead, your workload, and some other related questions. Assessing all this information she would figure out what will work best for you.

You should tell your dietitian if you have any fitness goals in mind, or have anything to train for. Also, if you are on medication for some disease, inform your dietitian.

The diet plan your dietitian shares with you might seem like a hassle to you, in that case, inform her and she will make the necessary changes. Once you start implementing the changes as mentioned by your dietitian, you can see the improvements for yourself. Then you do not need to go for consultation frequently, visiting every three months initially, and then once a year will do fine.

You can now easily find the best online dietitians in Delhi and book a consultation with them!

Where can I find Online Dietitians in Delhi?

While visiting a dietitian do check the years of experiences and testimonials. If you ask anyone in Delhi, they would advise you to visit The Basic Meals, as they are provide the best online dietitians in Delhi. It is founded by Dietitian Anuradha Sharma and Dr. Pragati Pragya, two powerful women who are not just examples of women empowering women, but also are on a mission to do their part in Eat Right India & Fit India Movement. This is not just their occupation, but also something they are passionate about. Every patient who consults them goes back with a happy and positive experience.

At The Basic Meals, we do not go for exorbitant diet charts, rather provide cost-effective and simple options for everyone. If you believe in a holistic approach in today's world, then book an online consultation with us on our website We provide individual consultations. For gaining knowledge about health and your diet choice read our blogs on our website.

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