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9 Ways to break The Weight Loss Plateau

9 Ways to break The Weight Loss Plateau

We live in the world of information, the Google world. Whatever question arises in our mind we turn to Search engines. We often fail to check the fact that people who are writing these articles and posting on websites may not be qualified enough on the respective subject.

Scientists who experiment on various questions of life are also never sure. In their research papers they write the shortcomings of the study, what can be other possibilities, etc. This is because, in any laboratory experiments, we can show absolute results. After all, we can make other factors constant. Meaning we can control temperature, atmosphere of the experimental area, can create vacuum too for the purpose.

Although, when it comes to questions of life we cannot make other factors constant. Every human is different. We all live in different environments, weather, pollution level, families, cultures so on and so forth.

Hence, when it comes to weight loss, there cannot be same results for everyone. Due to different life situations, we reach weight loss plateau earlier or later than others. Factors like our birth weight also matter. Uncontrollable factors in our lives make us different from each other. Hence, Google cannot give solutions. So what can we do?

1. Take Professional advice from a qualified dietitian

Remember Certified Dietitian may be a 2-month course. We must ask whether the person has at least a Master's in Nutrition Science. A qualified dietitian can help us with different diet & lifestyle combinations which may help in removing weight loss plateau.

2. Maintain diet dairy

We might be making diet errors which we usually do not consider bad enough. Small pieces here and there. The concept of diet dairy can be an eye-opener. We must make sure to note down each bite we take.

3. Be active

We workout hard for one hour and we feel it’s enough. Rest of the day we keep sitting or work in a sitting position. We must make sure to leave work for a while every hour or so, move around a bit, or stretch if possible. Use stairs, walk to the nearby stores, use public transport mostly, fetch your own glass of water, stroll post meals- these small steps will help in being active.

4. Different Individuals have different interests

For exercise, one golden rule works. We must choose the one we like. In case we choose an exercise out of peer pressure or convenience, we may be bored out of it soon. If we do something that interests us, we will do it for life.

5. Take Rest

We should give our muscles rest too. Keep one weekly day to rest. In case we are doing extensive workout since long time, we may change to shorter span with simpler exercises.

6. Never take fancy diets

Our human system has been the same for years, in fact, the mammalian system. The liver still works the same way, eyes still see not hear, legs still walk not eat. Hence, we do not need fad diets which come and go. They may give some results momentarily but in the long run, may cause deficiencies. These deficiencies may cause multiple health issues including reaching the weight loss plateau fast.

Deficiency of Vit-D, proteins, Vit B complex, etc. has been shown to cause plateau.

7. Low Carb/Protein/ Fats

These never work. Our body needs energy to exercise and day to day work. And these are macronutrients for crying out loud. That means we require them much more than the exotic fruits and foods that we feel pride in eating.  We should be eating a small snack 20-30 min before exercise (in case doing it before breakfast), so that we have enough energy to work out.

8. Hormonal imbalance

Sometimes any hormonal problem like PCOSThyroid, etc. can be the underlying cause. We must take medical help when required.

Hormonal imbalance can be caused by poor lifestyle habits. Do you know, that the Scientist who won the Nobel Prize in 2017 in the medicine category won for his work on Circadian Rhythm?

As per Wikipedia, “Circadian rhythms are regulated by a circadian clock whose primary function is to rhythmically coordinate biological processes so they occur at the correct time to maximize the fitness of an individual.” Light and dark influence these rhythms the most. So basically, we have to eat and sleep on time.

If we do not follow such patterns the imbalances occur, causing plateau.

9. Weighing Machine-

Let us not emphasize too much on how much we weigh. It is a good practice to check your weight every week or month. Still, we must not be over-conscious about it. We must emphasize a healthy life more than what we weigh. A healthy lifestyle may show slow results but they will be long-term results. Being consistent is the key, following healthy patterns sometimes, and cheating sometimes does not help. What helps is regularly following:

●Balanced diet

●Good Water Intake

●Regular exercise

●Good Sleep Pattern

●De-stress, in today’s concern, de-screen too.


A healthy lifestyle doesn’t give scope to cheat. That is because a small portion of a favourite meal can be included in a healthy lifestyle. Once we are sure we follow a healthy lifestyle daily we can adjust a small portion of chole bhature/ bhaja sometimes.

If we emphasize too much on results we forget to “Enjoy the journey”

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