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A Healthy Plate For Dialysis Patient

A Healthy Plate For Dialysis Patient

Dialysis is needed when your own kidneys can no longer take care of your body. Good health care is always a team effort. One must be having numerous doubts related to regular Indian diet for dialysis. This blog will explain A healthy Plate for Dialysis  Patient.

Nutritional need during dialysis:

During dialysis, your body loses a portion of protein, vitamins, and minerals along with unwanted toxins, fluid, and chemicals.  Therefore, protein, vitamin (especially vitamin B complex), mineral deficiency, electrolyte imbalance, etc are common as side effects. 

So the diet should be carefully planned to –

  • provide enough energy,
  • adequate protein, vitamins and minerals,
  • balance electrolyte and fluid.


Carbohydrate  is a nutrient that breaks down to simple sugar and provides energy.

Kidney patients who are in dialysis require enough energy to go through the dialysis.

The majority (50-60%) of the calorie supply should come from carbohydrates.  

1 g of carbohydrate provides 4 kcal of energy.  

It is recommended for the dialysis patient to have  simple carbohydrate because complex carbohydrate contain high amount of phosphorus.

Protein major Challenge

Recent research reveals that there is lack of adequate protein in Indian diet and when Dialysis occurs there losses of 6-7g of protein. So it becomes major challenges to fulfil protein needs in Indian diet for dialysis.

As per K/DOQ guidelines  protein intake for dialysis patients should be around 1.2 - 1.4 g/kg body weight per day.

When food contains all the amino acid then it is called as Complete Protein (high biological value protein)sources are Animal based and dairy products. Other protein are Plant based. 50% of the dietary protein should come from high biological value protein sources


Potassium helps in normal rhythm of heartbeat. It is like pacemaker to our heart.

In  dialysis Patient Hyperkalemia  (high Potassium) is very much common. So one should keep eye on their blood reports because it could lead to cardiac arrest. 

Potassium is present in all foods. Its contents depends on soil and water quality. 

So here are some cooking tips to reduce the level of potassium from Indian diet.

Potassium is heat resistant so cooking food at high temperature like in pressure cooker reduces the potassium.

If the food are cooked for long time it also helps to reduce content of potassium.     Thoroughly washing of vegetables also help to leach out potassium

Sodium (Nutrient to Concern)

High amount of sodium in body leads to water retention and high blood pressure. So it should be consumed in restricted amount around 1.6g – 2g per day. The major source of sodium is salt.

Here are some of tips to control the salt intake 

  • Every  morning measure the amount of salt you have to consume. Store it in container and then cook the food from that measured salt.
  • Avoid using Pickles, Chutney, Papad  as it contain high amount of salt’.
  • Use mint and herbs to food so that little salt can be manage.
  • Eat Hot meals it requires  less salt.


Phosphorus is present in plenty of food. It helps to maintain PH level, for healthy bones and muscles. Patient with Dialysis not able to remove excess phosphorus. Normal Range of Phosphorus for dialysis patient id 3.5 to 5.5mg/dl.

Excess of Phosphorus in blood binds with calcium which leads to Mineral Bone Disorder. Your Doctor may prescribe Phosphate Binders to take with meals and snack so that your body can absorb phosphorus from the food.

Fluid Control

When we say fluid control it does not only means water control. All the food which are liquid at room temperature are fluid. One might have notice swelling of ankle, feet,,hand in kidney and dialysis patient it is due the accumulation of excess fluid in body and if continues for several days it become life threatening.

Tips to control Fluid Intake

  • Like the salt premeasure the quantity of Fluid.
  • Take small sips.
  • One can also use ice cubes whenever thirsty.
  • In summer fill the spray bottle with water and spray it on mouth to keep mouth moist.
  • Keep yourself busy to get distract from feel of thirsty.


Life of Dialysis patient is not easy. They had to keep watch on there blood parameters so that everything goes well.  Indian Diet for Dialysis patient is full of diversity but it should be taken in right propotion and right way. Consult to the qualified Dietitian to make life much easier.

Reference: MyPlate for Healthy Eating With Chronic Kidney Disease.

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