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All About Weight Loss and Weight Gain

All About Weight Loss and Weight Gain

All about Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Weight gain and weight loss can have many reasons, primarily of it being lifestyle. As we can very well notice lifestyle has changed a lot over the years. When we (kids of 80’s 90’s) were young we played outdoor more than today’s children do.

We can also notice children do not really have a voracious appetite, just the activity level and food choice has changed.  A lot of people will agree that their own diet has not changed nor do they consume foods which have become a trend these days still they are overweight. 

The Vicious Circle 

Other reasons are the vicious circle of weight gain and weight loss. Poor lifestyle leads to disease. Disease makes a person dependant on medication. Certain medications cause further overweight.

Disease in young cause work pressure due to early tiredness and thus psychological problems like depression. Medications required in lot of psychological treatment again lead to weight gain. So the circle keeps on and on. 

So, now this weight gain and weight loss vicious circle takes us to medical practitioners who advise weight loss as the best remedy. Guess what? They are right. Now once we have a solution to our problems we want to obviously work on it.

Now in this high tech world of today where everything is so fast, we want a quick fix. We tend to forget that Rome was not built in a day.  We did not put on the weight or become this sick in a short duration of time, it took years and years of poor lifestyle to reach today’s condition. In the same way, good health cannot be gained back in short duration of time. 

What happens if we change weight too fast?

Now we need to understand, if diets/ pills/ body massagers etc. actually worked, we wouldn’t need to change to a new one every year. Stop looking for quick fixes. Stop falling for the newest diet on the market that melts fat away. We must follow moderation in every way. Be smart, work hard.

Do not ask yourself “Why am I am trapped in weight gain and weight loss even after visiting qualified dietitian and all the exercise schedules by professionals”, Be happy that “I am on the right path, results will come as my body starts feeling better” Stay motivated, remember – depression medicines increase weight!!


Now there is good news and bad news. One can actually lose weight like a quick fix. Oh yea it’s possible.   The bad news is it’s not good for our health. If we try to lose weight too soon, we tend to take very low calorie diets with rigorous exercises. Even worse start popping weight loss pills or fall in traps where there are expensive promises but nothing actually happens. This pattern leads to deficiencies in body, plus this body weight definitely comes back. The more number of times we gain and lose weight the more difficult it becomes every forthcoming time. So the only miracle which can help us is patience, a lot of it.  

Do you know anyone who passed IAS exam by popping pill and not studying hard? Or a medical exam? I think even a nursery exam is not possible. So, there is no miracle to good health. It has to be earned with good habits and lifestyle and self-control. Yes, it’s difficult, but there is no easy way. Anybody who promises to make it easy should be the one we should be suspicious about. Weight loss is not like business targets that have to be achieved by hook or by crook. It’s more like education, put in best of efforts and wait for results.

Why does it come back?

Now we will find lot of people saying one should not go to the gym/ on a diet, once you leave you will put n the weight back. Any idea why does that happen? Let me guess- when the person was trying to lose weight, he took up healthy lifestyle. When he achieved target weight he went back to the earlier pattern. Same like getting wet and not taking care taking paracetamol lowering fever and then getting back to the rain. So the key is not diet or exercise schedule, the key is to make them your new lifestyle viz. a healthy one.

I wish to conclude with the idea that a diamond takes 3.3 billion years to form but mirror is made in a short span of time. Grass grows within a month, but it takes more than 10 years for a mango tree to give fruit. Same way good health cannot be gained with a quick fix. Once trapped in weight gain and weight loss vicious circle only patient efforts in healthy direction can promise long lasting health.

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