Different lifestyle diseases can arise from poor dietary habits. These diseases may range from heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and even different types of cancers! But the good news is that a healthy diet can prevent most of these diseases. And if you have already been diagnosed, you can reverse the condition with a proper diet. That is why we suggest you consult the top online dietitians in Amritsar.

If you have already been searching for dietitians in Amritsar, you are just at the right place. The Basic Meals is a team of highly-qualified online dietitians in Amritsar who will guide you in your journey to good health through wholesome nutrition.

How do I choose a good dietitian?

This is a very important question to ask before you sign up for a consultation with any online dietitian in Amritsar. Listed below are a few basic points that you should check for online dietitians in Amritsar.

Your goals: It is important for you to clarify your specific needs and health goals. Whether you want to consult a dietitian for losing weight or to better manage a chronic disease is the first point you need to know. Convey it to your dietitian accordingly. Analyzing your health goals is the first and foremost step to choosing a good online dietitian in Amritsar.

Check qualifications: Do not shy away from asking your dietitian about their qualifications. It is mandatory for you to make an informed decision since it's a question of your health. This will also give you a better understanding of whether they will be able to help you achieve your specific health goal. For example, some dietitians may be experienced in treating obese patients, while another dietitian may be qualified in treating gastric disturbances. It is best that you choose a dietitian who is qualified in the particular field that you need help in.

Another important reason to ask for the credentials of online dietitians in Amritsar is that a lot of self-proclaimed dietitians are on the rise in the market. They are not certified. A generic diet plan is not the answer especially when you consciously want to address any health issue. It will lead to unnecessary and unwanted health complications. So, make sure that you take the guidance of a certified and experienced online dietitian in Amritsar.

Beware of hidden motives: Steer clear of dietitians who are in the market for promoting nutritional supplement brands. A qualified dietitian will not encourage you to consume synthetic supplements to obtain the proper nutrition. They will help you get proper nutrition solely with the help of a healthy diet.  

A quick fix is a big NO: Any dietitian who claims to give you results in a few weeks or months is someone you should not trust. It is important to understand the truth of the statement that good things take time. Your disease did not develop in a day or two. It will not magically vanish within a day or two either. Building a healthy lifestyle habit takes time. And that should be the ultimate goal of a dietitian.

Individualized approach: When tackling any lifestyle disease, a generic diet plan does not work. Your online dietitian in Amritsar should ask you questions. They need to know and understand your food habits and your daily routine. Only then will they be able to chalk out a comprehensive individualized diet plan for you. Your diet plan should be such that you can easily incorporate it into your busy schedule. Your diet plan should be practical and take into consideration your food culture.

You should also consider it to be a red flag when your dietitian includes exotic foods in your diet plan. There are always healthier alternatives to exotic superfoods. Your dietitian should be well-aware. Local and seasonal foods ensure that your body gets optimum nutrition.

Best online dietitians in Amritsar:   

The Basic Meals is a team of the best online dietitians in Amritsar. Founded by Dr. Pragati Pragya and dietitian Anuradha Sharma, The Basic Meals provides a wide array of services in nutrition and diet planning programs. Each of the co-founders has over 10 years of experience in prestigious institutions like AIIMS Delhi and Fortis Healthcare. They are highly qualified, having masters degrees in their respective fields.

Their vast range of experience and qualifications makes the team of The Basic Meals the best online dietitians in Amritsar.

Why The Basic Meals?

At The Basic Meals, our vision is a healthy life for all. This we strive to achieve by following evidence-based nutrition strategies. We constantly update ourselves regarding the latest innovations in nutrition and research reports. We follow the evidence-based scientific guidelines provided by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and other governing bodies. Our holistic approach sets us apart from our contemporaries. We look at the bigger picture. Complete lifestyle counseling along with nutrition education makes us the best online dietitians in Amritsar. Our scientific and practical approach is top-notch. We do not promote any supplement brand or pills nor do we encourage their use. A healthy balanced diet that caters to your specific health condition is what we plan for you. Our individual support includes providing one-to-one counseling for all your health goals and diet needs. So, book your consultation today with the best online dietitians in Amritsar. Visit for more details on the top online dietitians in Amritsar.  

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