CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

“The Basic Meals” is dedicated to provide nutrition and lifestyle awareness to the society.

The aim of “The Basic Meals” complies with the Govt. of India initiative i.e. Eat Right India & Fit India Movement. As the focus of the government has gone from sick care to healthcare, we also believe that preventive healthcare is more important than sick-care. Our goal is to perform the same cause and nurturing the change makers for better tomorrow by improving knowledge on food habits and inclusion of health, hygiene and nutrition education in a creative manner.


To contribute holistic wellness education of children implementing sustainable programs and addressing the core reason for poor nutrition.


Eradicate nutrition illiteracy from the society

Our Initiative:

We will be launching our CSR activities in collaboration with NGOs. We will propose to Government schools of cities and towns initially, gradually moving to the villages as well.

While our work duration at AIIMS Delhi we have seen even children belonging to lower income groups are engaging in practices which is leading to dual burden of mal-nourishment and obesity with co-morbidities. We often came across children with fatty liver disease and stunted growth due to low protein and high processed food diet.

Our program will be to encourage the children to become “Nutrition Warriors”. These children will be provided holistic wellness education in a creative manner. We will enroll interested students in our Nutrition Warrior Club. These children with their creativity will spread a word about Nutrition and Wellness.We aspire the next generation will not require a large Healthcare Budget from the Government because they will grow healthy and will be motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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