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As per reports published by the World Health Organization (WHO), a whopping 2 billion plus people suffer from nutritional deficiencies worldwide. India alone houses one-third of this 2 billion population who suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Consult one of the best nutritionists in Delhi NCR to prevent you and your family from falling into this category. And if you are already included, you still have time to develop a healthy diet habit to gain optimum nutrition from your meals.  

At The Basic Meals, we guarantee you better health with the guidance of top nutritionists in Delhi NCR.

What is nutrition?

Nutrition is the process of absorption of nutrients in the body. It is the utilization of macro and micronutrients present in food for different functions of the body. Thus, for good health, proper nutrition is mandatory.

Why should you consult a nutritionist? 

Did you know that as many as 70% of all diseases in the human body arise from a lack of dietary nutrients? You may be eating what you think is a balanced diet and still fall short of micro and macronutrients in the body. This may either be due to poor quality of the food or inability of your body to absorb the nutrients or both. Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same – poor mental and physical health. Moreover, nutritional deficiencies can give rise to several metabolic diseases in the body. Some examples include Obesity, PCOS, thyroid disorders, etc. Shocking, right?

This is where the function of a nutritionist lies. Prevention of diseases and recovery from diseases – both these domains are addressed by nutritionists in Delhi NCR.

Even though you are apparently healthy, there may be certain underlying conditions in your body. If addressed in their initial stage, you can prevent many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, or even PCOD. And if you already have one or more of these chronic diseases, you can reverse them by following guidelines suggested by the top nutritionists in Delhi NCR. The Basic Meals team of nutritionists in Delhi NCR provides personalized meal plans. These plans are aimed to provide optimum nutrition for your body that reflects both: better mental health and increased physical strength.

A nutritionist will guide you not only on a diet plan but on overall health management. This ensures that you obtain the maximum results from a healthy lifestyle. Because nutrition is not just about the correct food. It is the concept of the wholesome well-being of an individual. Contrary to what you may have been conditioned to know, your nutritionist in Delhi NCR will not provide as many restrictions that may suffocate you. The team of highly-qualified nutritionists in Delhi NCR at The Basic Meals knows that it is not feasible to follow a lifestyle plan that will alter the course of your daily routine. That is why they formulate plans to incorporate your corporate 9-5 lifestyle. Top nutritionists in Delhi NCR realize the potential that a good healthy diet has. A good healthy diet has a delightful impact on your life. It increases your work efficiency, reduces your susceptibility to diseases, and makes you fitter and happier. So if your goal is to bring out an improvised version of yourself, consult the best nutritionists in Delhi NCR.

Best nutritionists in Delhi NCR:

The Basic Meals is a team of the best nutritionists in Delhi NCR. Their basic belief is a preventive approach. With a mission of “Healthy Life for All”, the proficient nutritionists in Delhi NCR provide evidence-based nutrition solutions to clients all around the world.

Dietitian Anuradha Sharma and clinical nutritionist Dr. Pragati Pragya work tirelessly to spread the noble cause globally. They keep themselves updated about the latest research and their results. Their vision is to create the foundation of a disease-free world. Their knowledge and expertise have concluded that this is possible with the right diet and right lifestyle. They help chalk out your lifestyle change in such a pattern that it does not hamper other priorities and other aspects of your life. A simple and sustainable approach has helped them cross the one-decade mark in nutrition and lifestyle coaches. With a pool of happy clients in our existing domain, we look forward to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals. Join our family at The Basic Meals and let the best nutritionists in Delhi NCR guide you towards a better life.

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