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Healthiest Way to Fry Food

Healthiest Way to Fry Food

Let’s retrospect. During the lockdown, most of us have tried so many new recipes at home. We love food that is tasty and restaurants were closed during the lockdown . We love food which is fried, which has cheese, sweets and desserts and delicacies which make our palates drool.

But we want to remain healthy too. We are concerned that all this kind of food might cause damage to our health.

Our lifestyle has also changed after the lockdown. Among us who were waking at 7 am are now doing so at 8:30 am. We are sleeping very late due to the internet available entertainment options.

So, what to do about our concern? Another worry which is not coming our way in near future, but we can be prepared from now.

Circadian Rhythm 

Scientific research has shown, we have a biological clock and it impacts our health. It is in sync with the sunrise and sunset. The more we are following the pattern the better our health is. Meaning, if we eat healthy food at wrong time; it can damage more than unhealthy food eaten at right time.

Hence, when we wish to satisfy our taste buds, which we should do occasionally, we should eat in sync with biological clock.

Portion Control

Another important thing we must remember. Our human body has been created by a genius. So, if we take small portion of fried/ heavy food, our system can manage it and make healthy use of it.

Problem arises when we consume in large amounts.  

Exercise Regularly

Definitely, WE CAN NEVER OUTRUN A BAD DIET. But of course, if we take small portions of heavy food occasionally exercise can help to balance it. Plus, exercise has been scientifically proven to be very beneficial for health. 

Include high fiber foods daily

Fiber helps in balancing extra calories from our diet. So please include salads, fruits and nuts, sprouts/ Chilka dals/ whole grains to our regular diet. So basically take a bowl of salad before your Chole-bhature.

How to FRY ? Healthiest Way to Fry Food

Now comes the big question. The best fat to fry is mustard oil, peanut oil and ghee since they have high smoking point, it’s healthy. One can use peanut oil if they don’t want any flavor to be added by oil.

Do not overuse oil. Taking deep fried sometimes is fine, we have established that. What we must understand is the more number of times we use the same oil for frying, the worse it becomes for heart health. Hence, please do not re-use the oil for multiple meals. Use deep frying oil only for one meal for 3-4 times. Then dispose it.

Please remember, sometimes money making policies at restaurants may not allow them to “waste” oil like that.

We can bake or roast. The food will taste good with ingredients and spices. Most of the time, it’s not frying which stimulates the taste of the food. Roasted tikki or baked kofta will be equally tasty. We can also prepare chilla or paratha on non-stick. That will help us to apply less oil/ ghee. Of course some fat should be added but we can give away the extra fat guilt.

Other heavy foods- Taking cheese is ok, make sure what you are eating is cheese not cheese flavored margarine. Sweets can be prepared without sugar, with jaggery/ organic honey/ grated apple or other sweet fruit/ dates/ raisins. If a sweet is prepared with milk adding cardamom powder or jaiphal will give it additional sweet flavor.

Homemade butter is better than salty butter available in markets. Homemade fruit kulfi is better than ice-cream. Chocolates are good for health, try dark ones.

Homemade is Difficult, Buying is Easy

Of course, that is why it is named convenience foodFact Check we get ready, go to restaurant, wait for our place, then wait for waiter, then wait for order, come back home, change again, and we have an extra set of washing after that.

Home deliveries have changed this scenario a bit, but still there is no pleasure than freshly prepared meal, where ingredients are of exactly our choice.   Homemade means just wear an apron, prepare a favorite dish, pull off the apron and enjoy. We will also be able to portion control this way because we possibly won’t prepare as much food as we can order at a restaurant. The extra set of dishes can be done by the help we always have.

 Okay let’s try, eat ordered Chole-Bhature (or any favorites) on Sunday, and next Sunday make them yourself. Tell me the difference in taste and texture   Final Word   Last but not the least, let’s not be very greedy. We can make Pizza at home with pizza bread but we like Dominos so we will eat out. We can make tasty stuff at home but we need to taste that special dish at that restaurant. We must understand that it is human nature to want more once one’s desire is fulfilled. We should learn to control this urge. The idea should be to "eat healthy" not only "eat tasty". We have to draw a line and eat healthy too.  

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