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New Normal and Childhood Obesity

New Normal and Childhood Obesity

I mostly come across many parents who come up with their obese child and tell me to take care of their health. I really feel happy that parents are conscious for their child health. But at the same time worried why so many children are becoming obese. India Rank second highest number of obese children in world.

So what could be the reason behind these :

Nuclear Family –

Where both the parents are working and don’t have much time to look after their child So to decrease their boredom kids get attracted towards Junk food, Television, Mobile, Video games etc.

Changing Lifestyle –

With the increase purchasing power Parents fulfil all the unwanted desire of child without even bothering about their health.

Food Advertisement –

Advertisement of  Non Nutritious Food  increase the rate of Childhood obesity. Children under the age of 6 years cannot make difference how these advertisement are fooling them.

Misconception –

In India there is misconception that overweight children are healthy. So parent used to feed their child more and more.

Role of Cities –

In cities with growing  infrastructure there is lack of open spaces, park .

Home Delivery –

Now-a-days everything  are available just by single phone call that too in few hours whatever they want to eat pizza, burger etc they ordered it.

Social Interaction –

I remember in my childhood times how we play outside and that involvement of 1 hour make us mentally refresh. But now a days child like to play video games rather than going outside.

Increase Screen Time –

Many studies have proven that Children who spend more time watching or playing with social media have greater body fatness.

Tips to take care of Childhood obesity

  • Focus on good health not on losing weight it because children require adequate amount  of nutrient  for their growth. So don’t put your Child on strict diet.
  • Do not fulfil the unwanted desire of your children. Keep remember these unwanted desire may ruin your child health.
  • Encourage them to eat only when they are hungry. Overeating result excess fat deposition which eventually result to obesity.
  • Educate your child about the harmful effect of junk foods and tell them its real place is Dustbin because it is a “JUNK”.
  • Remove apps like Zamato, Swiggy from your phone  it is not good for you and your child. (Na Rahegi Bash Na Bajegi Basuri).
  • Encourage your child to play outside . Teach them new outside games. If possible play with them.

What could be done at Schools

  • Schools are other home of children. So taking care of their health at school is also important. These things can be encouraged at schools.
  • Schools can include healthy food at cafeteria like instead of samosa then can keep Dhokla or instead of cold drink they can serve lemon water, coconut water etc.
  • Wellness programs by Dietitian should be conducted to encourage good healthy skills.
  • Providing a school environment that encourage being active for example proper playground facilities, proper equipment for play.
  • Providing Parents with information on healthy food choices and active living.

What could be done by working Parents

  • There are increasing number of families were both the parents are working which become challenge to maintain healthy lifestyle among Children. Here are certain things which could be done  to maintain healthy lifestyle of child.
  • Always keep eyes on your child eating pattern. Plan the menu one day before. Always keep variation in menu because child get easily bored from monotonous diet.
  • Rather than taking packaged food such as Bread, Cornflakes, Museli etc for breakfast have Oats, Sabudana, Poha etc they are easy to cook and healthy too.
  • Switch off your mind from any other thoughts, and instead, focus on the time you give your child. After office time give quality time to your Child. Do creative activities with them.
  • Stay organized have all your supplies out at proper places so that you can find them easily. Organized stuff helps you to spend less time getting things together.
  • Avoid multitasking give 100% while working and give 100% attention when you are with kids.
  • Have some ’me’ time to energize yourself.  Exercise and yoga help to improve work efficiency. Always remember if you are healthy then only you can keep your family healthy.

Final words!

Having Grandparents at home help to raise child in better way. Because children need loving caring atmosphere just putting nourishment into their stomach is not enough. If Childhood Obesity had not taken into consideration then children will have shorter life span then their parents. I know these are very harsh  words, but it is truth. It is predicted that if child obesity would not be controlled then by 2025 there would be 17 million obese children leading to many health problems. Make smaller steps towards your child health it makes big difference (“Drop by Drop fills the Pitcher”). These Bad Fat had to be broken by eating healthy food, By removing processed food from your house , by doing physical activities, by giving them healthy environment to grow.

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