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Sedentary Lifestyle and Covid- 19

Sedentary Lifestyle and Covid- 19

Here we are going to talk about sedentary lifestyle and Covid - 19 but before doing so I wish to share a story that inspired me a lot. I have completed my training when the 1st wave of Covid -19 was at it’s peak and have seen many Covid patients. There was a patient a six months pregnant lady her pregnancy was itself complicated and to worsen the situation she was Covid positive she was in I.C.U for 2 months struggling for each and every breath. But she never gave up with her strong will power and proper healthcare she fought like a brave soldier and recovered, later she was blessed with a baby girl.

There is certain pattern that I personally noticed individuals in certain pre-existing illnesses like diabeteshypertensioncardio vascular disease, and respiratory issues are at a higher risk of developing severe Covid 19 complications. Another important factor is age as our immunity deteriorates as we get older. One major factor which makes the disease more critical is our sedentary lifestyle. There is a direct relation between our sedentary lifestyle and Covid - 19.

People are scared as second wave approached and caused serious damages even more than before many of us lost their dear ones. Wuhan virus covid – 19 has impacted population globally and was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization.

And while the countries are grappling with imminent dangers that this virus poses to humanity, there are few key measures that individuals can take to fight this pandemic. But, first we need to answer some questions for ourselves.

Recent observations from frontline warriors suggest that people with a sedentary lifestyle are developing severe complications with the disease. Lockdown and restricted movements made our lives more sedentary than ever. Lockdown gave us time to spend time with ourselves and dear ones but instead of utilising this time and skipping or playing at home people are glued to Netflix, youtube and prime.

Do you remember when we were kids there were certain games that we used to play and enjoy that time now digital versions of most of the games are available. And they are marketed in such way that they are able to attract their target audience. Have you noticed now-a-days there are no advertisements of toys, or other games, instead softwares and gadgets rule our advertisements aiding to sedentary lifestyle.

There are certain things that we cannot control, there are many question in our minds when will things be back to normal, when will the schools resume. Don’t panic if my critical patients can get through this we can too. These are the certain points that we should keep in mind-

Healthy diet

Instead of drinking concoction of spices in name of kadha we must try to consume home based balanced diet. Include more seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet.They are full of vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids.

Stay Hydrated

Adequate water consumption is essential to get rid of toxins. Atleast 3-4 litres of water should be consumed per day to stay hydrated and healthy.

Physical activity

 As we grow up we have certain responsibilities and can not continue doing our favourite activities, playing our favourite games lockdown gave us this opportunity. We must indulge ourselves in some or other physical activity. It can be anything of your choice, that you liked as a child make this work from home experience more pleasurable and healthy.

Breathe In -Breathe out and Repeat

Stress levels influence dietary pattern as well as food choices. In stress we tend to binge eat and we usually tilt more towards having junk food. Stress can induce habits of smoking and consuming alcohol, which adversely impacts our immunity. Breathing exercises and yoga for 10-15 minutes helps quickly to manage stress or anxiety.

Hygiene and sanitation

It is crucial to mention hygiene standards like washing your hands frequently, especially if you have travelled by public transport. Using an alcohol sanitizer, in case you are travelling to disinfect your hands, wearing a mask (cover your nose and mouth) and avoiding touching your hand or mouth. If someone visits you please wear mask and take all possible precautions. Avoid touching your face mouth nose and eyes. Wash hands frequently.

Talk with your dear ones

Technology advancements have some positive aspects to, spend some time with your loved ones, talk to them via calls or video calls.

Make self- care your priority

Take care of your health. People with comorbidities should be extra cautious, be careful of your diet, lifestyle and medications. Keep a regular check, regular monitoring is crucial. For example – If one is diabetic keep a check on your sugar levels on regular basis. In case you are overweight invest this time for your health and loose weight in a healthy way. Please stay at home we all are together in this. Nothing can break us if we stay together, but keep distance. Stay positive stay healthy.

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