Hi I’m from Bangalore, and there were so many times that i have tried but failed to lose weight.
Then I thought for a guidance and came to know about Anuradha ma’am from my bhanji ( sister’s daughter ).
Anuradha ma’am is a great dietician who understand ones issue and prepare a diet plan accordingly.
I joined her for weight management. She is very particular and practical to prepare a diet plan that fits to your routine or life style ( she may advise some change in your routine to achieve your goal easily ). Most interesting part of her diet plan is that it include the thing which is easily available in home and we are using that daily in our diet.
Frankly speaking her plan is not only simple but quite effective if one have determination.
Her weekly session about the diet is very informative and her every suggestion enhance you ability to separate what is good and bad in your diet and finally for your health.
Thanks a lot to Anuradha ma’am, due to her guidance I lose 7kg and will follow her plan as its not a bad idea to maintain proper weight.