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Work-Life Balance: 5 Lifestyle Tips That Help

Work-Life Balance: 5 Lifestyle Tips That Help

There is a reason why the current Indian work culture doesn’t have a work-life balance. Two generations before, our country was under colonial rule. By the end of it, we had to face world wars.

The Economic impact was obviously huge. We have faced mal-nourishment famines and a lot of economic backdrop during and even after colonial rule. There was terrorism, communal riots taking place and even educated people were not getting jobs.

Obviously, those parents taught their children education and career is the most important thing in life. We should forget eating, sleeping & playing for making a living.

So the current generation was born and brought up with this thought process. Hence, we do not value work-life balance at all. That’s why foreigners convinced us to work night shifts for them so that they can have a work-life balance. We are so CONSIDERATE about the time difference that we do not think twice about this format hampering our health.  

5 Tips which can help us:

  1. Get selfish - We have to start thinking of our health. We are first in Heart diseases, 2nd in sleeping least, runners up in depression, almost the diabetic capital of the world. These are not accomplishments to be proud of.

We at www.thebasicmeals.com get patients who have already damaged multiple organs but still are more worried about Jobs. How can we treat a person with a lifestyle disease without changing their lifestyle? Their work doesn’t give them time to eat, sleep, drink water, and pass urine.

Sometimes it’s not even a company’s management's fault, employees are doing this willingly to prove themselves. They are not proving anything else than the occurrence of lifestyle disease and organ damage due to improper work-life balance.

2. Relax- Please find a hobby (other than OTT Platform or video games). Switch off work from brain after the office is closed. Imagine yourself in 1990’s after you come back home from work.

Eat with family with sharing the day’s experiences. Help spouse in clearing the kitchen. Stroll after the meal. Spend time with kids playing ludo/ carrom/ chess etc. Spend romantic time with your spouse. Listen to music, watch old pictures from childhood. Paint, sing, read (on paper, not screen, Kindle wasn’t there in 1990), play organ do anything which pleases you.

3. Sleep and eat on time- Our organ systems have involuntary functions. That means we do not control them. Our brain does, involuntarily. So the brain has decided since ever it is going to make body functions work well if we have a lifestyle according to circadian rhythm (Body clock).

Even if we tell our brain to normalize the functions according to the new lifestyle it is not going to listen. So we will have to eat and sleep timely. Or else we are already toppers in the world for chronic lifestyle diseases.

Please don’t say, “Nothing happens to me”. Statistics are not lying. We have seen 19-year-old cardiac patients, 16-year-old type 2 diabetic, and 6-year-old fatty liver grade three. All lifestyle issues.

Another thing, if we do not eat properly when we need energy during working hours, we always end up stress eating which will be high in Kcalories, Sugar, Salt, and fats.

4. Gratitude- Be thankful for what we get on our platter. Fold your hands, thank God, and eat. Green veg, dal roti, rice, idli, etc. whatever our family meals consist of.

Natural foods are not made adjusted to our tastes like processed food.  We have to adjust to the taste. Vegetables, fruits, deals, etc. which we do not like for taste are good for our health.

On the contrary, processed food which is made to adjust to our taste is detrimental.

Visit places like CINI (Child in need institute), then we will be able to appreciate what we are getting. It can also help us to become better humans by giving to nature.

5. Meditate and Exercise- Start your day with positivity. According to our previous advice, you have already woken up early. Now u have time to exercise, take bath, pray and meditate, make breakfast and eat. After this kind of beginning, your office performance is going to sky-rocketing.

Like the famous quote, which we constantly keep re-quoting, “It is simple to be happy, but it is difficult to be simple”. Similarly, “It is simple to be healthy, but it is difficult to be simple.”

Last but not the least, social media has compelled us to become addicted and has disrupted our lifestyles drastically. I saw this very interesting post that said: when something is free you are not the customer, you are the product.

Imagine, you get addicted to processed food, OTT, and Social media. You become sick. U are unable to change lifestyle. Become dependent on medicine and hospitals. So many industries running on you.

We have got a valuable gift, Brain, which is our Felix Felicis. Use it well.

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