Aashu Abhishek

I had an exceptional experience working on my weight loss journey with Nutritionist Dr. Pragati Pragya at The Basic Meals Dietary Clinic. Dr. Pragya’s guidance and support throughout my weight loss journey were truly invaluable. She provided dedicated assistance, regular follow-ups, and designed a practical, home-cooked food diet plan that made it incredibly manageable to adopt. This approach also proved to be budget-friendly as it didn’t rely on extravagant foods. Instead, the emphasis was on consuming meals prepared at home.

What truly impressed me was the rapid improvement in my health. Previously plagued by high palpitations and acidity, these issues vanished by the second and third day of following Dr. Pragya’s plan. Alongside these improvements, I felt a newfound surge of energy. It’s not just about dieting; Dr. Pragya instills a transformative change in your perspective on eating and cultivating a wholesome lifestyle. I wholeheartedly recommend her guidance to anyone seeking a holistic and effective approach to weight loss and well-being.