Mukul Mishra

Writing this review is perhaps the happiest thing I am doing after a long time. From a HBA1C of 14.1 in Sept 2022 with severe Diabetes to 6.1 in March 2023 ,I have been able to control my Diabetes.And this would not have been possible without handholding & guidance I got from Dr. Pragya from the Basic Meals. The Basic Meals specializes in Habit formation,and true to the meaning Dr Pragya instilled in me the confidence to decide about the right kind of food I may eat.The programme is flexible and the diets recommended by them form part of our everyday meals.The focus is on portion control and emphasis on the implementation of Carbohydrate counting in my diet which was something quite novel.Let me also say here that they are the only specialized diatecians who explain and develop a habit in the patients in diet based on carbohydrate counting.
Today I am a changed person.I have lost almost 5 kgs of weight and HBA1C under control. She has a perfect way putting the patients at ease and has guided me on other very important issues I faced like excessive stress, lack of sleep , proper exercise , and of course diet which is her specialization.
I highly recommend other diabetic patients reading this should take the benefit from Dr Pragya to get well and ready to do something about their conditions and bring about a change.