Nutrition Warriors

Traditional & Healthy Foods from Various Indian States

Event Details
  • Place : ATS Valley School, Chandigarh (Online)
  • Participents : 20+
  • Activity : Try different cuisines of India
  • Special Mention : Children prepared at home with parents

About the Event

In a fun online class with the children of ATS Valley School, Dietitian Anuradha Sharma took a session on what are the different cuisines of India, and how we can enjoy a variety of tasty foods without thinking about junk food. The children were asked to find out more about various Indian cuisines and were encouraged to try out at least one dish from a different state of India. Have a look at the overwhelming response. Our heartfelt gratitude to Vasundhara, Druv, Manan, Vinamr, Kanika and Japleen for their active participation and enthusiasm!

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