I had a wonderful experience with dietitian Madam Anuradha Sharma from The Basic Meal regarding my diet consultation. Most of us don’t have any good sense regarding the food that we eat daily. And I believe most of the diseases have their roots in improper eating habits and lifestyle for a long period of time. It always happens that the food that is supposed to good for you health sometimes ends up in doing bad just because of wrong way and amount of taking them. I think all of us should follow a proper diet chart customized by an expert dietitian. A dietitian knows what kind of foods are optimum for your health considering your present physical, economical, social and professional condition. Earlier I used to get so tired and fatigued after all day’s work (though my job is not of any physical labour). Later I was diagnosed with some health reports that indicate of having some lifestyle diseases at formative stage. So I thought of bringing a change in my daily eating habits and overall lifestyle for some period of time instead of taking medicines at first. I was searching for a reliable expert dietitian and met dietitian Anuradha Sharma in the website of ‘The Basic Meal’. We had talks and online sessions to discuss my present status of being and the diagnosis report. After that she made a comprehensive diet chart for me which is so humble and easily maintainable. I am following her diet chart and advice rigorously. Now I am feeling so refreshed and energized. There is no need to buy any expensive foods or other things. It is purely purely ‘basic’. Actually we are habituated to buy and eat ready made packaged and junk food that are making our ‘basic’ life so complicated with several chronic diseases. I express my gratitude to dietitian Madam Anuradha Sharma and The Basic Meal.